Snuggle Bear Gives Love in NYC

unnamed (15)If you missed our photos on social media, the day before Valentine’s Day Snuggle Bear himself was riding around the streets of NYC giving warm hugs in effort to break a world record of 5,000 hugs in 8 hours.

The quest couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, as it was FREEZING in NYC that day and nothing is more warm than a nice soft hug that smells like fresh laundry! We met with Snuggle near Columbus Circle for his second part of the tour, and watched as both NY residents and tourists lined up to see the bear they fell in love with so many years ago. For New Yorkers to actually stop, and wait in a line, you know Snuggle is a popular guy!

Visitors hopped onto the Snuggle Mobile, which smelled amazing and was so warm and cozy inside. They signed their name into the book and then headed over to meet Snuggle Bear himself. If you haven’t had a chance to meet him, he’s quite a character- so cute and funny! Visitors left with a Snuggle Bear of their own, which I am sure many passed on to loved ones and children as part of their Valentine’s Day fun the next day.

While Snuggle was able to hug sooooo many cold New Yorkers that day, unfortunately he did not break the record. But, he did put smiles on so many cold red faces that we still say Snuggle Bear for the win!

Here are some other fun facts about the challenge:

  • The SnugMobile distributed 15,000 Snuggle Bears on the streets of Manhattan
  • 30,000 Snuggle Valentine Video Cards created
  • 10,000 people used #shareasnug
  • Snuggle Bear is keeping the love going following his 30th birthday celebration last year

To check out more fun with Snuggle Bear, or to see what the latest is with Snuggle (which by the way the scent boosters smells absolutely amazing and I secretly stuff the dryer sheets inside pillow cases so guests get random whiffs of wonderful smell), visit


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