Toddler’s First Shows: Sesame Street Live!

11006161_10155235551730191_1466337808_nLast week we had the chance to check out Sesame Street Live! Make a New Friend at the Theater at MSG. With two toddlers in tow, we headed for Madison Square Garden and into the theater we went.

Sesame Street Live! shows are always great when it comes to the little ones, they are great at keeping them engaged and into the show. However, the atmosphere is always super family friendly and you don’t feel like all eyes are on you if your toddler does what they do best! Sesame Street Live! shows make a great first theater experience for kids, and before you know it they will be older and have a love for all kinds of shows.

In case you missed our other post, Make A New Friend is about:

Chamki is from far away and she’s visiting Sesame Street for just one day! Grover has a long to-do list for his friend, from kayaking to hot yoga, but Chamki is busy enjoying cookies with Cookie Monster, singing with Abby Cadabby and doing ‘The Elmo Slide.’ Will an appearance from Super Grover get Chamki’s attention?

11016476_10155235553465191_51745758_nToddler Thoughts:

Both Gia and Joey sat through the show and loved it. They stayed engaged, sang, danced, and played with their cool light up toys purchased at the theater (yes, kids just love them!). We can’t wait for our next show with the toddler duo.

There are a few more chances to catch Make A New Friend at MSG before they’re off to their next theater. Check them out at


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