Family Ski Time with Arctix Bottoms

We had a blast skiing in the Pocono Mountains recently and thanks to Arctix Bottoms we stayed warm and comfortable. If you’re looking for affordable ski pants for the entire family, check them out at Luis has even been wearing them to work on some of the brutally cold days in NYC!

Arctix Bottoms sent us pants to review for our trip and we were so happy that they fit perfectly-being that I am short and a larger size, I was worried about how long they might be, but they were great. This is important since you are not supposed to tuck anything into your ski boots.

Arctix has pants for men, women, children, toddlers, and even babies, so they make a great winter wardrobe essential- especially for families who enjoy activities in the snow together. Whether it’s skiing, snowtubing, or just building snowmen in your backyard, these are great pants to have for the cold weather months.

While we can’t wait for summer, we are sure to put these pants to good use for winters to come!

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