January 2015

Painting with OPI #OPIintheHouse

Looking to add some color to your home for the new year? Check out an accent wall we painted with Late Night Serenade color from Clark and Kensington’s OPI line. We love the bold color and the difference it makes in the room. Now all that’s needed is to hang something on the wall, add in some more throw pillows on the bed, and it’s a perfect new look for

This Weekend at Wave Hill

Family Art Project: Flip through The Seasons Saturday, Jan 03 – 10:00AM-1:00PM Wave Hill House Join Manuel Acevedo, visiting artist and past Glyndor Gallery exhibitor, as he shows us how to make simple flip books packed with action! Watch a sun set, a flower grow or a tree lose leaves as you create a moving narrative about nature. Free, and admission to the grounds is free until noon.   Tai

DIY Fun with Wall Pops!

New Year new decor? If you’re searching for some simple design ideas to add to your home’s decor, check out two easy DIYs we created using decals from Wall Pops. Wall decals are great options to add color and design to a wall without painting. While there are many design options available, you can also get creative and make your own designs using basic shapes. Triangle Decals We created our

Annie with The Moms #AnnieMoms

In case you haven’t had a chance to check out Annie yet, be sure to go this weekend! Bronxmama writer Dalilah had a chance to see it before it hit theaters with The Moms and other bloggers. Check out her take: When I first heard rumors of an Annie remake a few years ago I had two thoughts…1) that will never happen 2) if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Men's Winter Must Have: Smith Boots

Just added to our Winter Must Haves Guide: Polar Boot from Smith’s American. Available at Modells, these winter boots are a great choice for men this season. They’re perfect for staying warm and stylish in the snow- and at a great price point! We love the history behind Smiths, and supporting a brand that is based here in New York City. A family run business for over three generations, Smiths make