Party Idea: 2K Tournament for All-Star Weekend

Photo: Bronxmama covering one of 2K’s Launch Parties for

If anyone in your house is into basketball, then you know that Valentines Day isn’t the only big event in February. All-Star Weekend also occurs around the same time. Basketball fans are able to watch celebrity matches, dunk events, and ending it on Sunday with the All-Star game. If you have a house full of fans and gamers, then hosting a fun 2K tournament is a fun idea!


Create a space for the tournaments to take place. Ideally, this would be in the living room- but if you want to create a different look for the party, feel free! Have seating for the two opponents in front of the TV and a space behind them for viewers. You can use a large poster board to create the chart where you’ll keep track of players and hang it somewhere near the TV. If you have a smaller TV somewhere else in the house, you can bring it into the entertaining area and have the All-Star events playing in the background.

Decide on who you’d like to invite and time of the party. An afternoon event might be better for the younger crowd, but if you want to make this into an adult night- hosting on Saturday evening with NBA TV on in the background and leading up to the State Farm All Star Saturday Night on TNT might make a good schedule.

Not everyone who comes has to be a part of the tournament- the games can take a while so a good idea is to have a sign up sheet for those who want to participate. Others can enjoy watching and hanging out with guests, as well as tuning into some basketball fun on another TV.

Food and Drinks

72618_10100128090143668_1252754726_nYou can get as creative as you want with this. Since our party was for adults, we hit up a local dollar store and picked up some metal buckets to use for ice for the cocktails. We also had sports drinks in two different colors set up on the table to represent the two teams. Pretzels were placed into buckets, popcorn into small boxes, and we used cheese balls as a fun snack since they are round like basketballs.

You can have fun and create snacks that replicate ones you can buy at the games, or come up with some fancier hors d’oeuvre options to pass around that mimic the industry events happening in NYC throughout the weekend. There are fun options for all budgets and ages.

The Winner

If you want to have a fun prize for the winner, you can give away something like a basketball, a trophy, or a fun gift basket with sports related content. For ours, we gave everyone who participated a small trophy and each person received a swag bag with Nike sleeves, some sports cards, and sports chews. You can create a fun prize on any budget.


You can have fun with the photos. Create a backdrop and props for guests to take fun photos or have a friend with a professional camera take photos throughout the night. It’s a good idea to create a hashtag for the event so that you can see pictures from everyone who uploads their photos to social media.

Hosting a fun themed party like this will be a fun treat for both you and your guests. Have fun with it, be creative, and enjoy!



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