Paddington + Nicole Kidman #KidmanMoms

unnamed (18)By Michelle Lucille

I had the opportunity to go and see the “Paddington” Movie and I must say it was exceptional! I just loved how well they did on recreating such a classic children’s book. The characters were all well cast and the rolls were well performed. Nicole Kidman was a phenomenal villain! Peter Capaldi, well, he was definitely quite the character. I nearly squealed in excitement when he came on the screen! Huge Doctor Who fan here so seeing him cast in such a great story made me happy.

On top of getting to watch the amazing movie we were about to chat with Nicole Kidman herself about her role in the movie. She said she was so very ecstatic to play the role after reading the script. Nicole Kidman is a fabulous actress and celebrity mom. I still cant believe how beautiful she is for being 47; In person she doesn’t look a day over 35!

Oh and a little tip for moms out there Nicole said her go to meal for her kids is pasta; pasta with cheese!! The movie comes out on January 16th, I highly recommend you make a family day out of it! Grab some marmalade, your kids, significant other, and of course a hat and stroll on down to the nearest theatre! You wont regret it!!

Check out more info about Padddington here!


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