DIY Fun with Wall Pops!

New Year new decor? If you’re searching for some simple design ideas to add to your home’s decor, check out two easy DIYs we created using decals from Wall Pops. Wall decals are great options to add color and design to a wall without painting. While there are many design options available, you can also get creative and make your own designs using basic shapes.

Triangle Decals


We created our own triangles from the Purple Perk and Plush blox colors from Wall Pops. Using a stencil we created, we made each triangle the same size and then arranged them on the wall in a random pattern. This was a fun easy way to add some color to this vintage little girls room.

Framed Chalkboard


For this DIY, rather than buying a framed chalkboard, we thought it would be cool to use the Large Chalk Message Board decal from Wall Pops and then build a frame around it. For our shabby chic kitchen, we picked a really simple light wood frame, but you can really create some fancy frames using trim at your local hardware store that would look awesome in the kid’s playroom or bedrooms.

Check out Wall Pops to see what decals would look good in your home and share your ideas with us! They also have some wonderful calendar and map decals-perfect for organizing those desk spaces for the new year!

Thanks to Wall Pops for providing these great decals to us for this DIY. 

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