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unnamed (5)In case you haven’t had a chance to check out Annie yet, be sure to go this weekend! Bronxmama writer Dalilah had a chance to see it before it hit theaters with The Moms and other bloggers. Check out her take:

When I first heard rumors of an Annie remake a few years ago I had two thoughts…1) that will never happen 2) if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Annie is a favorite in our home and I honestly never thought it could get any better, but once the rumors became reality I have to admit I was intrigued, especially by the cast, I mean who wouldn’t want to see a Miss Hannigan played by Cameron Diaz, a Daddy Warbucks or in this adaptation Mr. Stacks played by Jamie Foxx and the Title role played by the amazingly talented Quvenzhane Wallace? So the minute 2 spots opened up for a special pre screening hosted by The Moms and Norwegian Cruise Lines at the Sony Screening room I was on it!
Once in our seats, the lights were dimmed, the curtains were drawn and we were treated to a few special promo videos for Norwegian Cruise Lines which of course has me once again counting my pennies because lord knows my family would love a fabulous vacation on one of the gorgeous NCL ships. Then there was the main event, I have a confession to make…from the moment the music started up until the closing credits I felt like a little girl again, I literally had chills. They stayed very close to the original just with a bit of a facelift. Instead of “orphans” Annie and her pals were apart of the foster care system, another great change was the film was actually shot on the streets of NYC, there was even a scene in east Harlem which my daughter loved because it’s near her school so she recognized it, a few cameos and a new song titled “Opportunity” sing by little Miss Wallace herself was added to the sound track.

One of the coolest things about this screening was meeting some of the “Foster Kids” Tessy (Zoe Colletti), Mia (Nicolette Pierini), Isabella (Eden Duncan) & Pepper (Amanda Troya), they told us all about their experience working on the film. Kid bloggers learned that while it is really cool to be in movies it isn’t always easy, it takes dedication and limited social life, it took the girls about 2 months to learn lines. Dahlia had the chance to ask the girls what their favorite scene was-

NP- Hard Knock Life
ZC- Little Girls
ED- Hard Knock Life
AT- Tomorrow/Final scene

This remake is a MUST SEE! So take advantage of the remaining days of winter break and check it out.
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