The Theory Of Everything


By: Michelunnamed (8)le Lucille

I want to start by saying that The Theory of Everything was by far the best movie I have seen in over a decade. If you enjoy heartfelt true stories then you must see this film. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones did Oscar worthy performances in this fascinating film based on the lives of Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde. At the event hosted by TheMOMS we were able to sit down and view the movie as well as actually get to speak with Felicity Jones. Many questions were asked after the movie but I think the lingering thought that many had after watching the movie was how Jane was able to stick by Hawkings side for so long. The life these two had was far from normal and truly must have been extremely hard to handle. Several times through the film I was nearly brought to tears. This movie is a must see and as stated before I feel the actors portrayed their characters so well that their performances were Oscar worthy. If you have free time this holiday season I go see The Theory of Everything.



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