New Read: Brooke Shields Memoir

DSC_6904By: Michelle Lucille

New York Times Bestselling author Brooke Shields is back at it again with her newly released book There Was a Little Girl. This book is based on the life she had between her and her mother. Brooke Shields is a well known american actress, model and childhood star. Her book talks about the stifling relationship she had with her mother. It is filled with both happiness and sadness.

At a Q&A with The Moms and Brooke, we were all gifted a copy of her new book and I must say that it was quite touching. The book was an emotional roller coaster. By far one of the most heartfelt and gut-wrenching memoirs I have ever read.  The ending left me choked up and speechless.

The Q&A was held at the new Homewood Suites in Midtown Manhattan. It was an absolutely beautiful hotel. They specialize in hosting families in their luxurious suites! Whats even better is they are pet friendly, so if you are traveling you can truly travel with the whole family! They have locations all over the country in most major cities. I would highly recommend checking them out on your next family exploration. Thanks TheMOMS for putting together such a lovely Q&A.

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