Nursing Essential: Tobago Scarf

By Michelle Lucille

Breastfeeding openly in public is the norm for many experienced moms but for some it is a brand new experience that some aren’t as open and comfortable with. I myself am extremely new to breastfeeding, I began only 9 weeks ago. In the beginning I was so nervous to breastfeed in public. I looked high and low for the perfect product to conceal me during feedings. Nearly all of the products out there are so obvious and no matter how cute they claim to be they are still just spruced up aprons that are loosely draped over you, and personally I feel they look super tacky! Finally my search is over! I have found the greatest cover which also doubles as the most gorgeous accessory! I attended the launch event for the Tobago Scarf Collection from Tabii Just where I was able to see the scarves and also was able to get my hair styled; which as a new mom It made me super happy to be able to look pretty and spit up free for at least three hours! (Lets face it we all know that those days are rare and few in between) Let me say that these scarves are amazing!  I tried one out with my son and it works so well! They are essentially infinity scarves that double as nursing covers! They are also made with silk AND are made with Zero Fabric Waste ideologies! What is also great is all the scarves are made local in the NYC area. The designer, Tabbi St. Bernard, is an absolutely incredible woman who is also an expecting mother! These scarves are PERFECT for any breastfeeding mamma who wants just a bit extra modesty while feeding or even the fashionista who wants a nice chic accessory! If you visit right now you can get one of these lovely scarves on sale for just $45.00! I’d say this is definitely a breastfeeding must have!


Michelle is a New York City photographer and new mom. See her work at

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