Review: Sweet Water Yoga

By Dalilah Smith-Santos

Yoga has come to the South Bronx!!!

This year I’ve been began taking steps to take better care of myself, like making healthier choices in my diet, drinking more water and taking vitamins…what I was missing was exercise. I struggle with disciplining myself to work out at home, I do much better in a class setting but most classes are not near my neighborhood of Morris Heights so when I saw a huge banner advertising a yoga studio while on a coffee run during Dahlia’s soccer game near Yankee Stadium I cannot tell you how excited I was.
Sweet Water Dance and Yoga is run by Yosara Trujillo and Nyota Nayo, classes began on September 15 and I could not wait to join but of course like many mama’s, all of the stars had to align just right and schedules had to be worked out before I was able to make that happen, so I my first class was on a Thursday night.  It’s been a while since I’ve taken yoga, my first experience was a Bikram yoga class in Harlem which was totally out of my way but the most convenient at the time, it for lack of a better word SUCKED, definitely not the best choice for a first time Yogi.  After that I participated in a few Family Yoga nights at my daughters school which  I enjoyed but they only do it about 3 times a year.  After stalking the website for a couple of weeks, checking out the schedule, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a grand opening special package which got me 2 60 minute classes and 1 90 minute class for $35, then I booked my class online, I decided to start with a Hatha yoga class on Thursday night at 6:30 with instructor Tara Tonini, it was AMAZING. There were only 3 of us in this class which was really nice because we were all pretty much novices so Tara took the time to teach us the basics and we were all able to connect really well, during the last 10 minutes of class the lights go off for meditation. When the class was over I not only worked up a little sweat, I felt relaxed and a little empowered. I’m looking forward to my next class and Family yoga coming this winter.
With a wide array/schedule of classes, instructors like Tara and a beautiful space with convenient changing rooms that include 2 shower stalls each, I know that this beautiful gem called Sweet Water will prosper in the South Bronx.  This beautiful studio is located at 876 Gerard Avenue (161st street), Bronx, NY 10452. They’re open 7 days a week and offer classes from morning to evening.
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