No Cell Phone Day

We recently had the opportunity to read the new book, “No Cell Phone Day” by Delfeayo Marsalis. This wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book was the perfect read for my 6 year old son and I. We recently had an “unplugged” day at home so this story came just in time to continue our family practice of having electronic free days.

The book follows young Jazmine’s birthday surprise for her dad which was a day of fun in their city of New Orleans, without access to his beloved cell phone. Dad agreed to the challenge and we follow them as they enjoy a yummy brunch, share stories, visit the aquarium and spend quality time at the park.

My son enjoyed this story very much because we often find our “DAD” (my husband) with his phone in his hand reading emails from work and answering phone calls during our family time. My son presented his dad with a similar hand written card that Jazmine made for her father and challenged him to a “no cell phone day”. My husband chuckled, but realizing how important it was to our son, he agreed to the challenge. It was a relief for my husband as well because he didn’t feel the pressure to check his phone. Disconnecting for the day was a wonderful experience for our family!

Cell phones have become such an important accessory in our everyday lives. Delfeayo Marsalis reminds us how it important it to physically and emotionally connect to those around us and put our electronics down when the opportunity arises to enjoy family, friends, the outdoors and everything else that makes life so great! Children are very observant and if we show them that our cell phones take priority in our everyday lives, what lessons are we teaching them? This is an excellent story to share with your children and also with those who are often glued to their cell phones. It just may be the little nudge they need to help them realize the world around them. This book is definitely a Bronxmama pick!


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