Bronxmama Picks from TTPM Holiday Showcase 2014

By Michelle Lucille

I Had the opportunity to attend the ttpm Holiday Showcase on October 1st. There were so many great toy manufacturers in attendance to include Vtech, Hasbro, Razor, Mega Blocks, Lego, Disney, and Cloud-B just to name a few. A few of the toys really stood out to me and I felt like they were a must have for any child. I reviewed all the toys I saw and listed My top Five Favorite Must have toys for the holiday season!

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1. Rhino-Fire elite- Hasbro
Wal-Mart exclusive Comes out Nov 1, 2014 Age 8+
The New Rhino-Fire Elite is a Wal-Mart exclusive by Hasbro. It is a motorized blaster that shoots a total of 50 darts out of two alternating barrels that each have 25 dart drums. The Rhino-fire doesn’t come out until the 1st of November and will retail at $99.99. This Nerf gun is by far the most extreme of any of the Nerf Guns currently on shelves! It is for Kids ages 8 and up but I have to say that I can see this Nerf gun in many parents futures, this is not just a toy for kids it is truly going to be a toy for the whole family to enjoy! This is my number one pick out of my top five.
2. Flick to Stick Bungees Deluxe- Jazwares  Ages 4+
Flick to stick is a new game with bright colored characters, to me they seemed like a cross between Digimon and Pokémon but with their own very specific look to them. The whole goal of the game is for these part alien creatures to secure new territory. Each of the 96 bungee characters comes with a figure, a disk and a card. All of the pieces are magnetic which makes clean up SUPER easy! To be honest this game made me feel a little nostalgic because it reminded me of Pogs but with a whole new look and concept. Best Part is you can play with up to 8 people! Price for this product ranges from $3.99-$24.99! This was my number two pick of favorite toys!
3. Innotab Max – Vtech
Innotab Max is a tablet designed specifically for kids ages 3-9. It has a over 650 apps to help with all subjects to include language arts, science, social studies, math and even some apps for creativity and problem solving. What’s also really cool is it can send video, photo, and chat messages to any Iphone or Android Phone numbers programmed into the tablet! It comes with 8gb of storage but it can be expanded to 40gb of storage! It will be sold in a bundle for $109.99! Such a great deal! It was my third pick for favorite must have toys!
4. Sew Cool- Spin Master Ages 6+
Okay so This product was Awesome! A sewing machine for kids without the risk of accidental injury! It is a sewing machine that works with special felt material that when passed through the machine mends the two pieces together as if it is being stitched, it even has the appearance of being stitched! This is a great product for anyone who has the creative mind and wants to make different things such as pillows, stuffed animals and anything else they can think of! It is marketed for girls 6+ but I see no reason why this also couldn’t be for a small male child who shows interest in sewing! It retails at $39.99 and is a Toys R Us Exclusive. This was my fourth favorite toy!
5. Kinetic Sand- Activity Toys ages 3+
So I thought this product was extremely cool. It is sand that you can play with and it doesn’t make a mess! So picture going to the beach and building a sand castle and then going home you find sand FOR DAYS afterwards, with Kinetic sand you get the same experience but without the mess! I must have hung out at the table to play with the sand for at least half an hour! Such a neat product! It felt very fluffy to the touch! Almost as if you were playing with marshmallow fluff but without the stickiness. Price of this product ranges from $7.99-$19.99. This was my number five pick of all the toys!
Now that I have named my top five toys I would like to show some of the toys that also caught my eye. I will continue my most liked list with numbers 6-10.

6. Mos Eisley Cantina by Lego is a take on the classic cantina from the Star Wars universe. It has a total of 616 pieces and is for ages 8 and up. It retails at $89.99. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and seeing this set made me ecstatic!
7.  Build A Bear Workshops new line of Reindeer are available this holiday season and range from $25-50. They have each of the Reindeers as well as clothes to match each Reindeers personality which I thought was super cool!
8. R/C Smoke-breathing Ice Dragon is a toy dragon (Toys R Us exclusive) The Dragon is a remote control toy that Breathes smoke! All you do is put a tiny bit of water in the reservoir on the dragons head and he will breath out a water vapor smoke. It has life like walking and movements! Perfect for ages 5 and up.
9. Twilight Sunshine owl by cloud-b is a nightlight for kids being released this November. It projects stars onto the ceiling allowing kids and parents to get a relaxing sleep. I have the Tranquil Turtle for a one month old and he LOVES it! I turn it on and the starry lights put him right to sleep! This product is for kids and adults of all ages! It retails at $34.95
10. Battle Ready Pikachu by Tomy Toys is a toy that brings Pokemon role playing to life! This toy launches foam disks! You put Pikachu on your shoulder or on the table and  push the ear to make the foam disks shoot out! it retails at $39.99.
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