October 2014

Nursing Essential: Tobago Scarf

By Michelle Lucille Breastfeeding openly in public is the norm for many experienced moms but for some it is a brand new experience that some aren’t as open and comfortable with. I myself am extremely new to breastfeeding, I began only 9 weeks ago. In the beginning I was so nervous to breastfeed in public. I looked high and low for the perfect product to conceal me during feedings. Nearly

Book Pick: The Monsterator

This week we are all over Keith Grave’s latest book, The Monsterator. When he entered a dusty costume store, one that he hadn’t seen before He got what he’d bargained for . . . and more. Enter the Monsterator if you dare. Put a coin in the slot . . . but beware! This book is seriously adorable- and includes some fun pages where kids can make their own monsters-

Flares App: Just in time for Trick-or-Treating

For most of us who still have little ones who trick or treat, we will be right there with them going from house to house. But for the older kids, the new Flares app is a great way to have them check in as often as you’d like. Flares is an unobtrusive app that allows kids to check in with one push, giving parents their coordinates in real time; upon

Review: Sweet Water Yoga

By Dalilah Smith-Santos Yoga has come to the South Bronx!!! This year I’ve been began taking steps to take better care of myself, like making healthier choices in my diet, drinking more water and taking vitamins…what I was missing was exercise. I struggle with disciplining myself to work out at home, I do much better in a class setting but most classes are not near my neighborhood of Morris Heights

Halloween Safety Tips from Fed Ex + Giveaway

Fed Ex and Safe Kids have teamed up again this year to provide Halloween safety tips for both parents and drivers. As you’re out having fun scoring candy this Halloween, please remember these great safety tips to follow: Super Halloween Safety Tips Top safety tips Safe Kids and FedEx recommend for parents: Cross the street safely at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks. Look left, right and left again when crossing and