Recap: Trivia Night with David Tutera and Sabrina Soto

Last night Capital One hosted a fun trivia night based around their free credit monitoring tool, Credit Tracker. Guests were split up into teams that were captained by WE’s David Tutera and HGTV’s Sabrina Soto. We then went head to head in a fun evening of trivia questions about credit monitoring where we learned some useful information about the many misconceptions that people have about their credit scores. The points remained close throughout the game, but in the end it was #TeamSoto for the win (of course we were on Sabrina’s team!).

I loved the way that Capital One presented the information and made it easy to remember by using two fun hosts that know the importance of staying on top of your credit history. David Tutera is no stranger to life changing events that can have a huge impact on your credit- weddings! Renowned interior designer Sabrina Soto knows all too well the impact of purchasing and furnishing a new home. There to host the whole game was personal finance expert Lynette Khalfani-Cox, who made us feel at ease about those of us without squeaky clean credit history- and let everyone know that it’s always possible to recover from it.

Credit Tracker is a free credit monitoring tool, designed for Capital One cardholders. It provides access to your credit score and many free features, like:

  • Credit Simulator—See how your actions can affect your score
  • Credit Alerts—Get email alerts if your TransUnion® credit report changes
  • Grade Overview— Learn your grades on key factors impacting your credit

Credit Tracker is 100% free. Use it as often as you like without affecting your credit.

To apply for a card or to sign up for the free Credit Tracker tool if you already have a Capital One card, visit


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