Just stick it: Personalized Photo Magnets from PicStick

Printing your photos straight from social media are all the rage right now. It’s great to be able to easily access the photos you love and get hard copies of them, whether it’s for your own personal use or to send to the grandparents who don’t have smartphones. PicStick is one of those great services- but this time it’s for magnets! Turn your favorite photos into fun magnets for your fridge, or sent to grandparents or other family. We had the opportunity to review our own magnets from PicStick and even have a discount code for readers who want to order some of their own.

The Way It Works

  1. Simply pick the photos you want to use directly from Facebook, or you can upload photos from your computer.
  2. Crop your photos to fit the magnet size (I used Instagram photos and only needed to crop a small portion of the photos).
  3. Choose your 9 photos and that’s it! You’re ready to order your magnets.

For my 9 photos I chose some of our favorite memories from this summer since we enjoyed some amazing family vacations and fun summer outings. I personally do not like a ton of things on the fridge, but this was perfect.

Want to try it for yourself? We have a 25% discount code for our readers! Use code BRONX25 to get your own set of magnets. If you upload photos of your magnet creations, please tag us in them so we can see! Visit www.picstick.com to see for yourself.



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