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We have a new member in our family- and she has 4 legs. Her name is Kona, and she is a rescue cat. Little did Kona know she’d be joining a bloggin’ family- but she has now officially become a kitty blogger. Since we are new to this whole kitty thing, Kona has helped us pick some cool must have items for felines. Check them out!

Hidden Litter Box from Good Pet Stuff

The first issue I always had with having a cat is the litter box. The look, the smell- everything. I saw some super modern and expensive litter boxes- but they weren’t a good fit for our apartment’s decor or budget. I ended up discovering something way cooler- a hidden litter box that looks like a potted plant. Since my kitchen is really the only place we have room for the litter box, this was an awesome way to disguise it. Simply remove the lid for easy changing. Love it!

Hidden Litter Box,



Neater Feeder

The first thing we noticed about our makeshift cat bowls for water and food were the mess Kona made. So we went on a mission to find a better solution. We found it- Neater Feeder. This awesome invention allows the spilled water to go to through a drain into a bottom dish. Spilled food stays on the top part, and all you need to do is drain the spilled water here and there. We haven’t had to clean up spilled water since! It doesn’t hurt that Neater Feeder is the most award winning pet product either! Comes in different sizes and colors, so it can be used for your pets both big and small.

Neater Feeder,


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Kona is excited to help discover some more awesome kitty must haves! So stay tuned!


Thanks to Neater Feeder and Good Pet Stuff for letting us review these great items for our little Kona. Our opinions are our own and we were not compensated for them!







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  1. My russian blue would really enjoy this anywhere in the house but the kitchen because its kind of small. I have carpet everywhere so this would be perfect.


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