Organizing Our Little World: The Beginning.

For some people, an organized life comes easy. Cute bento boxes of lunches for their children, pin worthy organized desks and closets, and dinners planned and prepped every Sunday night for the week. And while I’ve pinned plenty of bento box and recipe ideas- in reality my world is like free falling and hoping the parachute opens up. Maybe it’s the Libra in me, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why I can’t seem to get it together and keep it together. Half of me yearns to be organized and on a schedule, and the other half loves being free and winging it- because somehow someway I always make it work. But is it time to finally figure it out? At least find a happy medium?

Time to Organize

As Professional Organizer Barbara Reich told us at an event at the Container Store a few years ago, taking  time to organize now will save you so much time on a daily basis. I’ve always gotten compliments on my apartment because it’s usually clutter free and not messy, but there are still drawers, cabinets, and closets that I want to tackle. Since school is back in session, I figured this is the perfect time to get our routines organized. From breakfast prep to homework time, I want things to finally go smoother.

Food Budgeting

Every month we say that we are going to do better with our food budget. I say I’m going to clip coupons and look for sales and plan ahead- and then it’s 5:00 on a weeknight and we’re figuring out last minute what we are going to make for dinner. While hubby is a chef and there’s certainly no shortage of delicious meals in our home, it’s time I finally get it under control and plan ahead. Our local supermarket is so overpriced, so when we don’t plan ahead we end up on a downward spiral for the rest of the month.

Routine and Consistency

The reason it’s probably so easy for me to get off track is because right now life is pretty inconsistent as it is. While my oldest is in school and hubby is at work, my toddler and I are free to make whatever plans for the week we want. There’s events I attend throughout the week, playdates we form, and last minute plans. While I love the freedom, it’s easy to lose sight of a structure. I’ve never been super rigid on our family’s structure because I love to go with the flow- with the exception of bedtime during the school year. But, I do want to get better at things that will eventually cost me time and money in the end if I don’t plan ahead.

Have some ideas or tips to help? Or just want to learn some idea for your own world? Follow along as I try to find a happy medium and organize our little world. You can even do it along with me!



-Make shopping list for the week and look for sales. I recently asked the moms in a Facebook group I am in for Bronx and Westchester moms about the best places to get good deals on groceries. The places that got the most recommendations were Aldi and Shop Rite for general groceries and meats, and local fruit stands for fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a Pinterest board I created with lots of yummy recipes I can use for ideas:

Follow Nicole’s board Food and Drink on Pinterest.

-Create a homework station

Follow Nicole's board Homework Station for Students on Pinterest.

Check back in a few days for an update on our first steps in getting organized! And tell us how you made the transition or how you are able to keep your life organized.







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