Orqestra SCC Salsa Band at Williamsbridge Oval Recreation Center

Orquesta SCC, is a Salsa orchestra based in New York City. The band was formed in 2013 by founder, composer and conguero Jose Vazquez-Cofresi. Orquesta SCC, whose acronym stands for Salsa Con Conciencia (salsa music with conscience) have made it their mission to make music that benefits society in more ways than sound alone can achieve.
Orquesta (orchestra) SCC are made up of 11 pieces, making them a modern big band by contemporary standards. They are well known and respected for shunning the traditional suit-and-tie uniform of former-day salsa players, as well as for breaking from many unnecessary traditions in order to recreate the genuine Latin style and sound in a manner that befits the modern era of music. A key component to this new, cutting-edge mode is their attention to lyrical themes, which often deal with the issues and complexities of modern society.
Learn more about the band and their music at http://orqscc.com.

Monday | August 25th | 7:00pm
Williamsbridge Oval Recreation Center
3225 Reservoir Oval East
Bronx, NY 10467 | 718-543-8672/718-515-2495

(cross streets: 208th Street & Bainbridge Avenue)



  1. Went to finally see their show…. not worth the time and effort. And the show was FREE… so that should say something.


    1. Sorry to hear! But thank you for the feedback so other readers can see as well.


  2. This band tried their best. Unfortunately for them, there best was below average IMHO. I did however enjoy the John Benitez performnace that was held on the 14th.


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