A Look at the Samsung Baby Care Washer

Laundry mat? What laundry mat? Okay, maybe for the bigger stuff- but we are so happy about our chance to review the Samsung Baby Care Washer! This is New York, and having a washing machine in your apartment is not always a given, so the opportunity to have a small washing machine in the house is great!

My kitchen actually has the space and the hook up for a washer and dryer, but I chose to put my kitchen table in that space because it was the only spot. So, this Samsung Baby Care Washer is the perfect solution! I store it under my shelving in a small nook in my kitchen, and then slide it over to the hook up when I want to get some wash done. Easy peazy.


Check it out!



Facts about the Samsung Baby Care Washer

• Samsung’s Baby Care Washer is a 1.0 cu. ft. unit that carefully and effectively washes and sanitizes all of a baby’s delicate laundry. It saves time, electricity and water by handling small loads of up to 3kg.
• The washer features 9 cycles which depending on the type of laundry and degree of contamination has a selection that is guaranteed to clean clothes thoroughly. This includes a  Super Sanitize cycle, which heats to 190°F to remove stubborn stains and bacteria.
• PureCycleTM Technology cleans the machine without harsh chemicals to ensure a completely hygienic environment for a baby’s clothes.
• Features a child safety design with a dual lid, a heat-resistant motor with no overheating and a child-proof lock.
• With a compact and stylish Crystal Gloss design this unit can be drained into sinks or adapted to faucets, which makes it perfect for apartments and second floor bedrooms and nurseries.
• Selectable tone beep alerts do not disturb babies while they sleep.
• MSRP: WB09H7300GP/A1 (Best/Silver): $699; WB09H7300GW/A1 (Better/White):$599


The Result? We love it! We have a toddler, but so wish we had this when she was smaller so we could really utilize the baby care settings- but it is great for small loads of normal laundry. We also know a lot of cloth diapering mamas who would love it as well. For more information, visit www.samsung.com.


We were given the opportunity to review and keep this awesome appliance, and our opinions are those of our own.


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