Visiting Fieldstation Dinosaur

If the Flintstones had a zoo, Fieldstation Dinosaurs would be it. Or at least that’s what we pretended on our trip last week. If you have a little one who is dinosaur obsessed, or you just want a different kind of experience, then you don’t have to go too far over the G-Dub bridge to find it.

First things first, kids are given a passport that they have stamped as they walk around and complete different activities. Once they fill up their book, they are officially a paleontologist.  Super cute!

As soon as we entered, my friend and I commented that this must have been what Jurassic Park felt like (and then immediately noted that the technology now is probably amazing compared to the movie and we need to let the kids watch it to compare).  As you walk into the trails, you’ll spy amazingly lifelike dinos as well as fun stations to stop at throughout.

There’s the fossil digging station-have a seat or grab a shovel and dig in because once the kids spot this one they usually want to stay a while. They get to dig and use other tools to uncover fossils hidden in the sand. Nearby is a replica of an archaeological dig, so your little ones really feel like mini paleontologists.

You can stop for some fun shows during your stay, which include meeting baby dinosaurs and the chance for kids to volunteer to feed a T-Rex. Oh, and you can bring lunch or stop and grab some Dino grub. FYI the Italian Ices are nice and big- must be dino sized!

Overall, the kids had a great time and it was fun for the adults too- just check out the T-Rex selfie and see for yourself! Be sure to stop at the gift shop on your way out- there are some goodies at all price ranges. The park isn’t huge, but you’ll find yourself going back to watch shows, dig for fossils, and stopping at different stations- so we definitely recommend paying the dinos a visit.


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Thanks to Fieldstation Dinosaurs for allowing us to come out and review the park. Our opinions are our own.

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