Lots of sunglasses options for children

It’s summertime, it’s beautiful weather, and it’s National Sunglasses Day!

To celebrate, we want to share some important information we learned at a recent webinar with The Vision Council. When the sun is shining and it’s super hot, we all usually know to wear sunglasses and to protect our eyes. But we learned just how many people harm their eyes on cloudy days because they believe there isn’t any risk. We also learned about the importance of children wearing sunglasses too. Perhaps so many people look at shades as more of a fashion statement than protection-and so they don’t have their children wearing sunglasses daily.

Many parents have become well informed on the importance of sun screen for themselves and their children, but the webinar reminded us how important protection is for our eyes as well. It can seem impossible for children to keep their sunglasses on- especially babies and toddlers. For the older children, it’s a good idea to have them help pick out the glasses that they want- and even decorate them! Stickers on the sides or rims are a fun way for children to enjoy the thought of wearing their own pair of glasses. Sunnies with straps are a great way to get baby used to the idea.

We hope this information will help us all be more aware of the damage done to our eyes by UV exposure.

Thanks to Rough Justice for my great pair of shades. These are my first light lenses and I’m loving the different look!

Here is a great guide for parents that you can download: UV Guide for Parents

Read The Vision Council’s full report: TheVisionCouncil_UV_Report_2014 FINAL


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