Weighing in: Advocare Week 1

A Healthy Lifestyle Blog Series

Since my last series of Weighing In, I have slowly lost some weight over the year and managed not to gain it back over the terrible winter that we had. However, I am still nowhere near where I need to be, and more importantly- being healthy for myself and my family.

To kick off my launch to a healthier lifestyle, I have enlisted help from Advocare and the 24 Day Challenge.

Now, I am the least disciplined person I know. Over the years it has caught up with me and I’ve finally realized it’s only going to get worse if I don’t take charge. After learning about the challenge from my coach Raffaella, I decided it was something I could do- because it enforces clean eating and fitness- it isn’t one of these diets where you lose weight because you aren’t eating, only to gain it back once you go back to normal food. This is meant for me to make better choices and to incorporate more physical activity into my life.

Day 8: Today is Day 8 and I think I have been doing good, but want to continue to increase my water intake and physical activity. It’s not that I used to drink a lot of sodas or juices, I was dehydrating myself by not drinking anything at all. Some days I would leave the house and go out with the kids only to realize I was so busy getting them ready and feeding them, that I hadn’t had a single drop of water or ounce of food since I  woke up. So, keeping a water bottle and some healthy snack options with me at all times has been my reminder.

Breakfast is also where I need to step my game up. I am a late person, so I am usually rushing every morning- looking for easy grab and go items and saving the big breakfast for weekends. I was doing good by making oatmeal often- but I was using milk and I am now adjusting to water. Fruits are great with breakfast, and I am doing well with lots of veggies and greens with lunch and dinner.

Clean eating has been fun, but I have had to work hard at keeping myself satisfied with healthy snacks and eating meals on time rather than waiting until I am starving. I think my main problem has been not eating enough and when I do- its not the greatest option. It feels good knowing I am taking care of myself and I can feel the affects already. Having my coach text me and check on me has been great- because I have someone to answer to other than myself.

Check back in a few days to see when I start the second phase, and how my progress is going! Want to learn more about Advocare? You can contact my coach Raffaella at advocare.com and see if this Challenge is right for you!

The 24 day challenge contains several products that go with the cleanse.

Cleanse Phase:

Herbal Cleanse

Herbal Cleanse is designed to help eliminate waste and prepare your body for optimal nutrient absorption.* You may enjoy weight loss as well!*There are three components of the Herbal Cleanse: Fiber Drink – which is mixed with 8 oz. of water, Herbal Cleanse caplets and ProBiotic Restore™ Ultra Capsules. AdvoCare recommends using Herbal Cleanse every 90 days.




The second product you will use in the Cleanse Phase is OmegaPlex®, which is a high-quality blend of essential Omega-3 fatty acids for overall wellness.* Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components of heart, nerve, muscle, skin, bone and immune health. As with all of the AdvoCare products, OmegaPlex® meets high standards for safety and efficacy so you can be sure you are getting some of the purest Omega-3 fatty acids on the market.*
AdvoCare Spark® Energy

We know that everyone wants to look, feel and perform their very best all day, every day. But we are also aware that in today’s fast-pace environment, that can be challenging.AdvoCare Spark® Energy is a fantastic source of energy, nutrition and mental focus.* It is sugar free and formulated with 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work synergistically to give long-lasting energy.* Simply mix Spark with 8 oz. of water and enjoy!

These three products work to cleanse and prepare your body for the Max Phase, days 11-24.


Max Phase:

Metabolic Nutrition System – MNS®

During the Max Phase, you can choose from three Metabolic Nutrition Systems which all provide sustained energy, appetite control, core nutrition and overall wellness.*

If you’re not sure which system to use, AdvoCare recommends beginning with MNS® Max 3, which provides you with a foundational level of appetite control and energy.* For a higher level of appetite control you can choose MNS® Max C, and for more energy you can choose MNS® Max E.

All three formulations include: CorePlex® (our multivitamin), OmegaPlex®, ProBiotic Restore™ Ultra, thermogenic components and additional wellness supplements.

Meal Replacement Shake
Skipping meals is a common mistake people make in weight-management or wellness programs. The Meal Replacement Shake is a healthy, delicious solution. Each shake includes 22-24 grams of protein, 24 grams of carbohydrates, 5-6 grams of fiber, 26 vitamins and minerals, and 50 percent of the recommended daily allowance of calcium. They come in several great-tasting flavors.
AdvoCare Spark® Energy

An additional box of AdvoCare Spark® Energy completes the Max Phase.






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