Bronx Summerstage Schedule


  1. To whom it may concern,
    I am very disappointed in the Bronx concert series. I’ve been liiviin the Bronx for over 20 years and never had we had a concert with the popular singers like Joe , Maxwelll , Toni Braxton, Ledesi etc I have to travel all the way to Brookyln to see a great concert with these type of stars . I’m sure I am speaking for a host of other people . I am proud of where I live at. When I’m at concert in Brooklyn and the ask where ” My Brooklynites are I can’t. Speak and represent because I’m from “The Bronx “. Maybe we can address this to borough President . I know there are more important things for to address but to me it’s important. I don’t know if I’m addressing the right person but please have some one response that can address the issue . Yours sincerely Amy


    1. Hi Amy,

      Thanks for your feedback. At Bronxmama, we just post the information-but if you go on the website, you can find a contact there and voice your opinion. It would be great to see bigger names here in addition to those who we have had the opportunity to see- I agree!


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