Review: Swim Classes at SUNY Maritime Aquatic Center

By: Martha Katechis

Summer is quickly approaching and the idea of beaches and pools sound refreshing, but for parents with young children it might also sound scary.  So we wanted to be a little more prepared this season and participate in a toddler friendly swim class.

My daughter and I had the pleasure of enjoying a trial swim class at SUNY Maritime Aquatic Community Class center.  Where we were in a class with five other children and their parents.  The class started with a calm introduction to the comfortable water temperature and then straight into it. We practiced short gliding across the water from parent to instructor, guided floating on the child’s back under a rainbow of pool noodles! Yes a RAINBOW of KaNoodles… that was my favorite part by far. The 45min class was tied up with an aqua rendition of the hooky pokey and my daughter’s favorite wheels on the bus.

As you may know swim classes in the Bronx area are hard to find and can be expensive, so you will be pleased when checking out the array of classes offered at SUNY Maritime’s Aquatic Center all instructed by highly impressive instructors.

For more information visit;

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  1. Aquatics program is different and not well organized. Not sure how much kids are learning as they are distracted by multiple sessions going on at the same time. Too many people at the bleachers and too many kids in the pool at the same time. We understand that Ms. Devon wants to bring in more people but it should be run focused on kids best interest. Jim Downey ran the aquatics program very well. We was in the water for every session and observed the kids and thought them very well. Even Christopher Dalton was good in teaching the kids then right techniques. Now the pool is blocked off for multiple sessions at the same time. Not sure how much room kids has to even swim. Little disappointed.


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