The Amazing Spider-Man Sneak Peak

By: Dalilah Smith-Santos

Last Thursday night Dahlia and I  took advantage of our spring break and went to the NYC premiere of The Amazing Spider-man 2 at the Ziegfeld Theater courtesy of The Moms. The energy of this event was…well AMAZING 😉

We hustled from the train station and made it just in time to get our passes and pile onto the bleachers with tons of other mom bloggers and of course kids. Yummy Evian water,t-shirts and masks and other give aways were handed out which was nice. The red carpet festivities kicked off with a visit from Spider-man himself who rode in on the top of a United States Postal Service truck and back flipped into the street to meet with all of his adoring fans (Dahlia’s favorite part) it wasn’t long after that the other stars of the film such as Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, Sally Fields and Embeth Davidtz started to arrive, along with recording artists Kendrick Lamar and Pharell Williams who contributed to the Sound track. There were so many photos to take thank goodness for the Belkin charging station set up on the bleachers to keep my iPhone running.

In the midst of all the excitement we realized it was time to head over to the Sony Building on Madison Avenue for our special 3D screening. Once upstairs we were greeted with Pizza and refreshments, kids had the chance to check out The Amazing Spider-Man for the Play Station 4, handed a fun packed gift bag and ushered into a private screening room furnished with plush chairs as well as ottomans for those who snagged the back row. The movie was awesome!!! It’s been so hard to stay tight lipped and not give away any parts to my husband before he can see it for himself.   🙂

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