Review: 2015 Kia Sorento

By: Nicole Perrino

We’ve reviewed some great cars so far, but we were very excited to check out a 4×4 and see how it fit a family of four on a budget. In came the 2015 Kia Sorento, just in time for spring break fun. Unlike most breaks from school- this time the kids were off to grandmas for the week and we would have a week full of me time and date nights. It was also just in time for the NY International Auto Show and all of the car fun that goes along with it.

First thing first- we were impressed with the gas. Having only had cars in our past, we loved that the Sorento didn’t cost as much as we thought it might to fill up the tank- especially after an almost 2 hour ride to drop the kids off with grandma. At 19/27 mpg (city/highway), we were able to drop off the kids andhave fun riding around Manhattan to different events before we even had to think about stopping for gas. A fuel efficient 4×4 is just what a family like ours needs.

While the one we tested out didn’t have the available 3rd row seating, if we were to purchase a Sorento, this option would be a must. With lots of cousins in the family and planned outings, we are always in need of room for guests. With two kids and one being in a toddler car seat, it’s nice to know others can ride with us sometimes. If you’ve had the chance to sit in the 3rd row, let us know how roomy it is!

The advanced technology in this Kia were once again great- heated steering wheel and seats. With the infotainment UVO eServices,  you can manage your music on your phone, make calls, and even access google maps using the UVO app. We also loved the built in navigation which made it super easy to understand the route info, which can be confusing in a place like NYC.

Our opinion? This is a great SUV for a family on a budget- especially if this is your first one. Starting at $24,100 msrp, it’s affordable, fuel efficient, and full of new technology.

Visit for more information and to see all of the other features of the 2015 Kia Sorento.


Thanks to Drive STI as always for the chance to review some great family cars. We are never compensated for our opinion, just given the chance to review the car.

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