Review: If/Then

Many of us already knew and loved Idina Menzel, but had no choice to love her even more after an entire winter of Frozen. While it has been fun to sing along to songs from her character Elsa, us adults finally have our own musical from her to enjoy- If/Then.

We had the chance to check out the show last week during spring break and to watch her travel two different paths in life- something we often wish we could do. While the concept has been done before- it is still exciting to watch Elizabeth split into two characters-Liz goes down one path while Beth another and see where she ends up following different choices. Whether you believe in fate, or just choices- this show leaves room for reflecting on your own life as you walk out of the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

While there are many moments that will make you laugh throughout the show- there is mature content as well-so children under 12 aren’t allowed (yes, the kids will be super jealous). Without giving away too much and leaving the major reviews to the critics, we will just say that it’s a great show and we’d recommend it as a girls night rather than date night- but that’s  not to say hubby won’t enjoy it just as much.

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