Spring Trends Guide Part II


For the little ones, our favorite shoe ever is Native Shoes. Ever since we attended their launch party years ago, we’ve been huge fans. Natives are perfect for spring and going into summer because they are light, airy, and allow your feet to breath after months of hibernation in socks and boots. Kids love them because they can run around in the park with them, and as summer approaches- they can run through the sprinklers also! We love their summer styles- but for those April showers, there are also boots to choose from. Check out their full line at nativeshoes.com.



Kids Miller in Surfer Blue and Kids Verona in Hollywood Pink


We fell in love with Denizen jeans last winter at a Momtrends event and we have been loyal ever since. As a curvy mom still working on losing the weight I’ve gained over the years, dENiZEN jeans are amazing on all body types (did you see how they fit a group of 6 moms-all different sizes at our Christmas event?!)

dENiZEN is available exclusively at Target and are from the king of all jeans- Levis! To the left you’ll see me wearing a pair of Boyfriend Fit jeans. Of course, on me they aren’t loose like they would be on other body types-but even so they fit pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

Below are the skinny ankle crop fit that I will be wearing all spring. As Sarah Jessica Parker told Ellen, she’s all about showing some kind of skin around her ankle because of how short she is- and I was so happy to hear I’m not the only one who does that-especially for me since I often wear flats.

Be sure to check out your local Target to see just how amazing dENiZENs fit you. Let us know what you think!



Stay tuned for more Spring and summer trends in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to keep sharing our favorites with you!

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