Spring Trends Guide Part I


Spring accessories from Gabby’s House of Jewelry

Spring has finally arrived and we are so excited to share some of our favorite spring trends for this season. After a long winter of bundling up, we are so ready to embrace spring and all of the fashion and beauty products there are to offer. With the help of Gabby from Gabby’s House of Jewelry, we gathered with some Bronx bloggers and influencers to learn some fun ways to accessorize and talk fashion, beauty, and entertaining.


Lisa, from The Bronx Socialite, shows off a great accent necklace

To begin, Gabby showed us some statement pieces that can change an entire outfit. Bolder statement pieces are great because they can totally transform an outfit, but simple pieces are also great staples too. However, it’s important to be comfortable in the pieces you chose, so there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the simpler pieces if that suits your personality. The key is to be confident and you will look amazing.


Learning to accessorize

For jewelry, we are in love with Gabby’s House of Jewelry, an online boutique based right here in the Bronx. She handpicks every piece for her collections and stays tuned into the latest styles for each season, making it easier for those who are just learning to accessorize.

Briana, 7, shows of her new bracelet

For kids style, we chose a simple but bold bowtie bracelet that went perfect with model Briana’s Jessica Simpson Girls shirt and Ruum Kid jeans. Kids love accessories too- and it doesn’t have to just be cartoon characters to still look youthful.


Beauty Essentials from Vitabath, Essence of Beauty and Nuance

Our picks for spring are simple but elegant. For bath and shower gel, we are in love with the many amazing scents of Vitabath. Sulfate and paraben free, these body washes all smell wonderful and last throughout the day. The newest scent Sweet Vanilla Amber is our fave.

For scent, we chose Forever Paris from Essence of Beauty, exclusively for CVS. A nice airy scent for the spring. Love it!

For hair and skincare, we chose Salma Hayek’s Nuance collection. With everything from straightening balm to anti aging cream, so far we love the entire collection. The new Agave line has been a perfect fit for the abundance of curls in our house.


A beautiful bouquet from Teleflora brings together the table of spring beauty products

It’s not spring without beautiful flowers to compliment your gathering. We chose a beautiful spring bouquet from Teleflora to make our beauty product table pop. Depending on your home decor, there are so many spring flowers to choose from. Since our space was full of greys and white- we let the florist choose a spring bouquet and surprise us- and we ended up with a bouquet to die for.


Our latest entertaining addiction: mason jars from Aladdin

While we love having wine glasses, champagne flutes, and tumblers ready for whatever cocktail we decide to serve- this spring we are in love with mason jars from Aladdin. What we love? The jars are plastic- so no worrying about breaking your nice glasses, but they are super cute and everyone will be happy to pose for some drink selfies!


Green apples and lemon make the perfect fruit combo for white sangria featuring Artisan Wine

Our drink choice of the night was a classic- sangria! With the help of our favorite wine- Artisan, we used Sauvignon Blanc with green apples and lemons for white sangria and Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc with berries and red apples for the red sangria. Artisan’s tip is to use citrus fruits for white sangria and the darker fruits for red. Delish!

Next up: Stay tuned for Part II of our Spring Trends guide that will include some more affordable and fabulous trends!

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