Briana’s Reviews: Sud-Z-Buddy

Note: While we planned on doing a fun video review for this one, Briana couldn’t wait and opened up the soap and started using it before we could even hit record!

What is Sud-Z-Buddy?

Sud-Z-Buddy is a clear glycerin soap molded around a collectible light up toy. The glowing plastic toy is brought to life with safe LED technology. Sud-Z-Buddy lights up with only a simple touch, and while it is in water it continues to glow until dry.

Briana has always given me a hard time about bath/shower time unless she has half of her toy box in there with her to keep her entertained. It’s as if she can’t fathom the idea of missing an ounce of playtime- especially during the week when homework and early bedtime already crush her idea of endless fun. So when Sud-Z-Buddy arrived I was excited to see what she thought.

Briana’s take?

She loves it. She has already used the soap and gotten to the light up octopus pictured on the right. She’s looking forward to me ordering the other characters. And, I’m sure as her little sister Gia gets bigger, she will think they are just as cool.

How long does it last?

Briana always uses way too much soap than need be-and even then the Sud-Z-Buddy lasted pretty long.

How much does it cost?

$4.99 and will be available for purchase soon on the Sud-Z-Buddy website.

Mom’s Take?

Super cute idea. The fact that there is a toy that lights up for up to a year for them to keep even after the soap is gone makes it even cooler.




*We received a sample for review and our opinions are always our own!


  1. Would love to order/buy. How and where do I do it?


    1. I will keep you posted when it is available for purchase on the website.


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