Review: Zhena Tea


One of the latest things we’ve been testing out are the new Zhena Wellness teas. Find out what we thought about the Extra Strength Slim Me teas.

First, a little info about Zhena’s new line if teas:

ZHENA’S Slim Me Tea is especially unique for a few different reasons: 

· Can be served as a hot or iced-cold brew.

· Helps increase metabolism and energy levels without the jitters of caffeine.

· Promotes healthy digestion assimilation and elimination.

· Helps suppress appetite. 

· Does not require any dramatic diet or lifestyle changes.

· Includes 10 natural herbs renowned for weight loss such as Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit and African Mango Seed.

The Verdict:

I received a four pack of tins, each flavor containing 30 tea bags. The Mixed Berry flavor was my fave.

Since I often dilute my juice and drink tea, the flavors were pretty good. If you are used to heavily flavored drinks, it might take some time for you to adjust, but if you are already a tea drinker, you will enjoy the different flavors.

I loved the fact you can drink this tea cold. I am often drinking cold green tea and it’s great that I didn’t have to wait for the tea to cool down everytime I made it. It was so easy to grab a bag and place it in my water bottle and go.

As for energy, I definitely felt better. With a one year old running around,  the extra energy was much needed. It also suppressed my appetite and I snacked less during the day.

The past week or so I havent had the teas and feel the difference in energy and my appetite. I’m looking forward to putting them back into my routine again.

Have you tried them yet? They are available at Rite Aid as well as online at Let us know what you think!

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