Review: Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer

Next up on our list of reviews is the Take-Along Baby Bouncer by Tiny Love. Our adorable little assistant Emilia helped us test out this seriously convenient take along bouncer!

Having a new baby around is a whole new ballgame when it comes to traveling and hanging out. The diaper bag can be as heavy as a carry on, and nowadays babies come with so many accessories that it’s hard to decide which ones they really need. Bouncers have always been a great thing to have for little ones who want to hang out and look around, exploring their environment while giving mommy’s arms a break. So when Tiny Love came out with a portable bouncer that folds and can be taken anywhere- we’d say it’s a definite baby must have.

Little Emilia had a blast testing out the portable bouncer, while her mommy enjoyed the convenience of being able to fold it and stick it in the included carry bag. It’s super easy to make the rounds and visit relatives, even if you’re jumping on the train to go to grandmas. It’s also perfect for warm weather babies, since the material is a great mesh material so baby can catch a nice breeze in the park while mommy reads.

Below is some great age appropriate information about the bouncer:

0-3 months

Take advantage of the Take Along Bouncer’s semi-upright position to enjoy some quality face-to-face bonding time with your baby. Talk to your baby, sing songs, make faces or just enjoy some quiet gazing time with baby. Keep in mind that baby’s eyesight is still limited at this stage.

3-6 months

Let baby enjoy the bouncer’s relaxing bouncing movement both indoors and outdoors. The bouncer offers babies a new outlook on the world around them and can be especially engaging in the fresh air.

Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer is available at for $44.99. It’s a great bouncer to buy for your little one or to give as a gift to a mommy who is on the go.


Thanks to Tiny Love for letting us review the bouncer. We were not compensated for our opinion.

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