50 Things To Do in the Bronx in 2014

  1. Walk along one of the Bronx GreenWays
  2. Attend an Event at Bartow Pell Mansion  Museum
  3. Bring a sketch pad or camera to Wave Hill
  4. Hike in the Thain Family Forest at the New York Botanical Garden
  5. Go on a fishing trip in City Island
  6. Have brunch at Babalu
  7. Meet a friend for drinks at the Bruckner Bar and Grill
  8. Kareoke at the Bronx Beer Hall
  9. Enjoy Peruvian food at Pio Pio
  10. Go ice skating at Van Cortlandt Park
  11. Learn some more Bronx history at Poe Cottage
  12. Attend a Family Art Affair at the Bronx Museum of the Arts
  13. Enjoy a show at Pregones
  14. Attend a cultural event at Casita Maria
  15. Go crazy with toppings on your froyo at Twist-it
  16. Pretend you’re a golf pro at Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course or Split Rock
  17. Read a book and enjoy a latte at Brew Coffee House
  18. Learn to dance Salsa at Beso Lounge
  19. Take an art class at the Bronx River Art Center
  20. Have a Shrimp Boil with friends (and a huge pot on the grill!) at Orchard Beach
  21. Ride the Bronx Culture Trolley
  22. Take a writing workshop with the Bronx Writers Center
  23. Enjoy some me time at Pink Shisha
  24. Visit the City Island Nautical Museum
  25. Learn some Hip Hop history on a Hush Tour
  26. Go sledding in Crotona Park on a NYC Parks Snow Day
  27. Take a belly dancing class at Tosca
  28. Go canoing on the Bronx River
  29. Kick butt in some miniature golf at Turtle Cove
  30. Take a staycation at the Opera House Hotel
  31. Hit the batting Cages at Uptown Sports Complex
  32. Ride your bike along the Bronx River
  33. Volunteer your time and help the environment with G.I.V.E
  34. Learn something new at the Bronx Documentary Center
  35. Get to know and support your local Bronx Business Improvement District
  36. Take the little one for classes at Kidaroo
  37. Take horseback riding lessons at the Bronx Equestrian Center
  38. Shop more at your local greenmarket
  39. Watch a soccer game at Macombs Dam Field
  40. Take advantage of the free Summerstage events
  41. Enjoy hoola hooping and a cone at Lickity Split on City Island
  42. Attend an event at the Van Cortlandt House Museum
  43. Take free swimming lessons at a local pool
  44. Learn to crochet at the Throggs Neck Library
  45. Enjoy yummy sangria at Havana Cafe
  46. Visit the Andrew Freedman Home
  47. Enjoy a program or class at the Bronx Zoo
  48. Participate or be a spectator of the Tour de Bronx
  49. Catch the Bronx Children’s Museum’s River on the Go bus
  50. Chill out and watch some cool tricks at Mullaly Skate Park



  1. Awesome list! There’s stuff on there I haven’t done yet, can’t wait to get started!


  2. There’s – few things that should be added to that list:
    1) Join a victim advocacy group dedicated to rendering justice for children who are victims of sex crimes in the Bronx. If you were unaware, the Bronx is over saturated with pedophiles and sex offenders. This has more to do with family members who provide safe haven to their criminal relatives who have destroyed the lives of innocent victims than any halfway house or agency providing services. Bronxites must stop the cycle of abuse in our communities and purge our neighborhoods of the depravity of sexual violence. Get involved! Be vigilant!

    2) Thoroughly investigate all 501(c) 3 community based organizations before donating money or volunteering your time. You would be amazed at all of the fraud and malfeasance that goes on in some of these “community based organizations”…not to mention many of the centers in some of the most impoverished areas in the Bronx exploit the residents or pimp the unfortunate circumstances of community members for exposure as a means to increase donations and government funding. The Point in Hunts Point specifically comes to mind. Just recently Kelly Terrie Sepulveda testified before the United Nations Eco Soc Committee to discuss “economic injustice” in the South Bronx. She encouraged a young man to lie about his personal circumstances which left him homeless. The fact is, the “victim” of “economic injustice” who appeared before the UN Eco Soc Committee is the child of a con-artist “community organizer” by the name of Catrina McKinney Davis and the stepchild of Erick “E” Ridley, a pedophile and drug dealer who repeatedly raped and murdered his own sister. Ms Sepulveda is very friendly with both parents of her fellow “activist” and employee Darius Davis, who is now receiving a free ride to Dutchess County Community College based on a series of lies at the expense of the taxpayers.

    Darius and his parents were evicted from the home of none other than Majora Carter after they unsuccessfully attempted to invoke squatters rights.

    The Bronx will never be all it should be while thieving, lying, depraved opportunists and criminals feel right at home in a once great borrow. Economic Injustice is the result of poor decision making and a system that enables people to think that doing the bare minimum in the Bronx is enough to pay the bills.


  3. Wish there was more available in 10465 or 10461 area.


    1. Agreed! I live in that area and most of the things we find to do are because we create meetups ourselves-we have some great restaurants in our area and of course Pelham Bay park, but would love to see more things open up..not just here but all over the Bronx for families to go and have fun! As we continue to share what we do have and show interest, hopefully more will come!


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