Happy Holidays from Pantene

Get ready for those Holiday parties and photos! Pantene is here to help make your hair perfect for the holidays. With their Age Defy and Advanced+ Keratin Repair products, you’ll feel glamorous even in that ugly Christmas sweater (we love a good Ugly Christmas Sweater party!)

To help us celebrate, Pantene will be sending one lucky winner a gift basket full of both their Age Defy and Advanced+ Keratin Repair line products.

Pantene’s Advanced Thickening Treatment is a unique hair thickening product that helps counteract age-related thinning by restoring thickness to individual, existing hair fibers. The treatment thickens hair by increasing its diameter, so it’s as if up to 6500 more hair strands have been added. After one month of use, hair becomes less brittle, more manageable and is restored to a more youthful fullness.

With Pantene’s Keratin repair, you can repair two years of damage in just two minutes.

TO ENTER: Check out the different Pantene products at Pantene.com and let us know why you need Pantene Expert products in your life. Random winner will be selected.






Thanks to Pantene for this great giveaway!


  1. Would love to try anything that controls the frizz or repair damage from heat 🙂


  2. My ends are so damaged. I can’t seem to keep them from splitting. It’s so bad that my split ends have splits which have splits. It’s like trying to comb through a birds nest each morning. Some days I’m half tempted to cut it all off; but I love my long hair. I just need to find a way to make it more manageable. Hopefully this will help 🙂


  3. I am always looking for products to prevent breakage and make my hair thicker.


  4. I need Pantene because it will repair my damaged hair while making it stronger and fuller. That’s an awesome combination!


  5. I need these products because I don’t take nearly as much care of my hair as I should. My hair is damaged.


  6. Please let me win stuff for my hair


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