Recap and Review: Disney’s Frozen and the Samsung Galaxy Note/Kids Tablet

This week Briana and I attended another great screening hosted by The Moms, this time for Disney’s Frozen. In addition to having the chance to see the movie before it hits theaters, we also got the chance to both meet Idinia Menzel(the voice of Queen Elsa in Frozen) and check out the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Tablet.

Before the movie began, guests had the chance to take fun snowman photos which would later be printed out, and test out the new tablets. All of the blogger mini mes gathered around the tables to draw snowmen and play around on the Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet. Moms gathered around another table to check out the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Kids version is an adorable 7-inch tablet that comes in primary colors. While I always encourage active play and imagination first and foremost, a tablet is always a great investment for car and train rides and those moments when you’re out and need him or her to stop playing tag in the doctor’s office. It’s also a great tool for educational games. I’d rather my daughter refresh her math skills while I’m washing dishes than catch up on Spongebob.

As for the Galaxy Note, it went on my Christmas wish list as soon as I tested it out. With more than 4 million pixels and Dolby surround sound, it’s definitely an amazing device. Once I got home I read the reviews to see what other people who have already purchased it thought, and I’m happy to see it’s what I had hoped it was.

After we had a chance to play around, we grabbed our popcorn and entered the theater. Frozen was a great movie! It was so cool to have both a Queen and a princess for little viewers to fall in love with and the love story has two components. I also love how the 3D effects keep getting better and better. The sappy one that I am, I cried a bit behind my 3d glasses, but I’m happy to say I don’t think anyone noticed.

Disney movies are always a great time for me. Movie dates with my oldest daughter Briana will always be remembered, especially now while we go for some mommy-Briana time while my toddler Gia is too small to bring. I hope Briana never forgets the time we had alone together, even after her sister was born.

After the movie was over, we had the awesome opportunity to meet Idina Menzel, the voice of Queen Elsa in the movie. It was so cute to see how the kids in the audience oohed and awed once they realized this pretty brunette woman was in fact the voice behind the blonde Queen in the movie! During a Q&A with the kiddos, Briana asked Idina if she would sing her song Let it Go from the movie. Idina did not disappoint. Check out the video below, in addition to some more pics from our mommy-Briana date.

We hope you enjoy the movie as much as we did. Also, check out the Galaxy tablet and note! Just in time before Christmas!





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  1. Love it! Can’t wait to check out the movie in a couple of weeks with Dahlia.


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