Review: Smart Ones Oatmeal

I love my mornings. I wake up hours before everyone, sip my coffee while reading the paper and enjoy a long hot shower while everyone finishes their last dream of the night.

Totally kidding.

I am a hot mess in the morning. I’m almost late before I even put my feet on the floor. If I don’t pick out my second graders clothes the night before, I can’t promise you I will remember what outfit I throw at her as I look at the clock and realize her bus comes in 10 minutes. Time management just isn’t my thing. So fitting a nice breakfast in is always a challenge. My 7 year old is great with dinner, but when it comes to breakfast she is one picky eater. She doesn’t do cereal. I kid you not. In comes Smart Ones Oatmeal.

She loves oatmeal. Daddy makes this amazing homemade oatmeal that simmers on the stove and fills the house with the smell of cinammon. Unfortunately we don’t have time for that most mornings and the stuff in a envelope just ain’t cuttin it for the daughter of a chef. Well, Smart Ones Oatmeal just happens to be an amazing contender with dad’s homemade stuff. It comes in the frozen aisle in heat and eat cups, and has been a life saver! It’s perfect for us as a family because I know I’m making a smart choice with a Weight Watchers product, and my daughter just so happens to love it!

The Maple and Brown Sugar is by far our favorite- maple flavored steel cut and rolled oats topped with raisins, cranberries and granola, with other natural flavors.

Love that breakfast can be simple for both of us in a morning of chaos. While I hope to one day really have that first scenario and become a morning person,  for now I’ll just enjoy my discovery of this oatmeal!


This post was created in partnership with Smart Ones®. All opinions are my own.

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