Review: Spooky Trail at Anthony’s Flower Farm

By: Melissa Valcarcel-Serrano


Hope you don’t have plans for Friday night because there’s a spooky trail in The Bronx that you have to take your kids to!  Mommy’s Mingle has turned the pumpkin patch at Anthony’s Flower Farm into a spooky trail.  It starts with a story similar to the boy who cried wolf. The kids gather around to hear their mission and then they are lead through the short trail. Being there at night is creepy enough, but of course along the way there’s quite a few spooks and scares.

I was hesitant to take my boys because they are only 3 and 4 years old. Are they too young for this?  Would they get spooked bad enough to have nightmares?  Well I couldn’t have been happier with the result. The hosts assured the kids at the beginning of the adventure that the people they would meet along the way are just characters. I decided to stay toward the back of the pack and that worked well for my boys. They saw other kids get spooked and weren’t scared when the same creepy character sprung out at them. Ok so they were a little jumpy at times and held on to my hand a little harder at some points but they liked it overall. No tears. No cries to get them out of there. And best of all, no nightmares.

One of the best parts is at the end. Some lights come on and guests are urged to walk through again to meet the characters and take pictures. The characters even remove their masks if you ask them so the kids could see they are not real. I think that was really helpful in showing the kids, especially my young ones, that is was all just a spooky story brought to life. They know the pumpkin patch is not haunted or scary.

I definitely think this is worth a visit with your kids.  Plus you can bring them in costume!  A lot of kids were dressed up.  It was a fun and frightening Friday night adventure. Oh and Don’t forget your flashlight!  You’re in for a Howling Good Time!

The Mommy’s Mingle Spooky Trail takes place every Friday in October at Anthony’s Flower Farm in Throggs Neck. Tickets are $10 per child. RSVP to Anthony’s Flower Farm is located at 3240 East Tremont ave.

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