Doubling Up: Craft that doubles as a toy


A lot of crafting goes on in this house. Between a country mom who made everything from floral arrangements to bird houses, and a dad who has made enough model airplanes to fill his basement ceiling- it’s no wonder I passed my project making genes onto my 7 year old. You know it’s bad when I have to tell her to stop making crafts.

You see, I’m all for crafting. But, it can be a pain when your little one wants to keep every single thing she’s ever made- right down to the recycled water jug. So, in an attempt to cut down on waste, I decided to think of a project that could be played with long after the craft box is put away.

My solution: Clothespin People.

Now I could have gone out and bought the clothespins with round balls at the top that are easy to make into faces..but I was impatient, so ended up with a pack of 50 clothespins that will now be made into an entire community of little people. We are using materials we already have to make outfits and accesories.

The idea is to take our time and add a few more people each month- almost like buying new sets of dollhouse characters.  We plan to make holiday themed people and ones with different careers. Silly dressed people and ones who look like us. My daughter is so excited to see all of the characters we have made in a few months.

It’s a simple project that we can do together and I can watch her play with as the collection grows. So far I have made a grandma and a Bohemian girl. Briana has made a business man and a girl going to prom. I can’t wait to see them as our collection grows!

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