Fashion Focus: London Times

image When I was younger, I played around with fashion a lot. Whether it was a funky accessory or  bold colors, I was never afraid to try new things. But when I slowly gained weight after my first daughter Briana, I noticed my style changed. Naturally, some of it was from becoming a young mother and wanting to tame some of my daring outfits, but a lot of it was due to being self conscious about my new weight. Now, after my second daughter Gia was born last May, I’ve noticed a change once again. But this time, it’s positive. I’m working on my weight of course, but also- I’m starting to embrace who I am NOW and not wait for the day I lose these extra 50 pounds.

When London Times started their Savvy Summer campaign, I was excited to see women of all shapes and sizes wearing their beautiful dresses. I loved how I could tell how confident and sexy they felt-just from a picture. And so, it inspired me to dig a little deeper and find that old Perrino inside of me- and ask her to come have fun in my closet again.

Even though I am excited to really play around with some daring fashion again, I still chose a lacy little black dress from London Times to try out. I couldn’t resist having a gorgeous go-to black dress for date nights and other events. Who doesn’t love having a little black dress that hugs their curves?!

Pictured here I am wearing  their Floral Scallop Lace dress, available on It’s amazingly comfortable, while at the same time form fitting.

Check out their blog as well-Beyond the Dress. It’s awesome to see everyday women showing London Times fans different ways to accessorize their dresses. Check it out- and be inspired!



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