Briana Reviews: Fobie Friends

What’s the lastest in Briana’s Reviews? Fobie Friends!

Fobie FriendsTM is an original idea created to entertain while helping children address common fears. The concept developed into a series of books, each book using a unique, colorful, engaging “Fobie FriendTM” animal to comfort and guide a child through a fearful situation.

In addition to reviewing the books, Briana also had a chance to have some questions answered by Leslie Miller, one of the creators of Fobie Friends! Read her questions below after you watch her review!

Briana’s Q&A with Leslie Miller

  • What inspired you to write stories for children to help them with their fears?
Hi Briana! We believe that kids are super smart and very capable! We believe that when kids are given the correct set of tools, they can use those tools to face scary situations.  We hope Fobie Friends can help!  It certainly did with our little boy and girl.
  • My cousin Aiden is scared of fireworks. Will you be writing more books about other fears?
Of course!  Right now, we are finishing a book about a scary day at a new school (the Fobie Friend is a fuzzy, red kangaroo), then we will write a book about fitting in at school and bullying.  We have to plans to write about fears of storms, bugs, and, yes, perhaps even fireworks!  We love your idea!  Perhaps you can talk to your cousin to make him feel better.  Thank you, Briana!



Leave a comment below letting us know which fear you’d like to help your child overcome, and two random winners will be chosen!

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  1. my daughters biggest fear is with bugs


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