Review: Steve Cohen Chamber Magic


Just the other day another mom and I were discussing how important date nights are, especially after you have children. The amazing thing about living in NYC is having so many fun options for food and entertainment. There are also lots of out of the ordinary places that arent just dinner and a movie. The other night I got to check out a show with a “millionares magician”- Steve Cohen’s Chamber Magic.


What I love about the show is the fact that it’s in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and you are required to get all fancy! Its so fun to dress up for a night out sometimes, and I loved that Steve wants to recreate the 19th century parlor performances. Its so much fun to pretend to experience New York from another time period.

Steve started out with some card tricks and moved on to some pretty interesting material. I definitely left wondering how he did his tricks and I know the other guests did too. I wont delve too much into it so I don’t give the whole show away!

Tickets are a bit pricey, so this is definitely a fun, well deserved, date night out. Plan dinner before since the show is later in the evening, and if you’re lucky enough to have an overnight babysitter, enjoy some drinks afterwards inside or around the hotel.

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