Cooking with Hellmanns and Chef Tim Love

Despite being post baby and not at my desired weight, I couldn’t turn down the chance to be on camera and take part in a cooking demo with Hellmanns and Chef Tim Love. This came at the perfect time since I have been getting down and dirty in the kitchen more than ever before (its easy to avoid that room when the hubby is a chef!).

I was excited to meet Chef Tim Love and learn some new chicken recipes. I chose to do the whole chicken, but behind the scenes I was able to try a few other chicken dishes and they were just as yummy! (I’ve already done this recipe twice at home-so I’m not kidding!)

It was a lot of fun having my makeup done and be on set- baby Gia still isn’t sleeping through the night so keep in mind I basically rolled out of bed and into the studio! And, as the pounds melt away I would so love to do this again! Maybe I’ll even try out some more Hellmann’s recipes and share the videos with you!

Until then, you can find the recipe Chef Tim Love and I made, and more at



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