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Good news! The Hubby has joined me! It’s so much easier to make healthy eating choices when your other half does it right along with you. He has done it in the past and seen great results, but we have never seemed to be on the same page. So after I came home with a pair of pants in his size and he tried them on and they didn’t fit- he knew it was time to join me.

Between both of us, our biggest focus right now is portion control, not eating late, and cutting out carbs. The Weight Watchers App is right by my side, helping me keep track of what I’ve eaten and giving me my “allowance.” I’ve come to realize that I can make this fun by pretending my Weight Watchers points are money and everyday I can go ‘shopping’ for different foods. What can I say, I love shopping!

For me the hardest part of the day is at night. I will eat good all day but because I often wait until the kids are asleep to work on Bronxmama or catch up on what’s been on the DVR for weeks, I end up hungry at the worst hours of the night. So the Spaces feature on the WW app has been my late night friend. I choose Home as my Space and go to Panic Moments– there are lots of scenarios with solutions to choose from.

So far I’ve lost a few pounds and I’m feeling a lot better. It’s a slow process for me because I don’t want a lose weight fast trick, I want a lifestyle change. I’ve seen Hubby lose weight quick from extreme diet changes and once he ate normal meals again he gained it back. I’m trying to re-program myself to eat healthy, smaller portions, and stay active. If it takes me a little longer, so be it. But, having a baby who is starting to eat solids is a great time to do this because I only allow myself to eat things I would let her eat. So far she hasn’t refused anything I’ve let her try- and I am so excited to have a baby who loves all kinds of vegetables! My oldest is extremely picky though, so I am still working on finding yummy ways to introduce her to new foods.

Speaking of vegetables, eating healthy used to seem sooo boring to me. So, I am in love with Pinterest right now! There are tons of boards with Weight Watcher recipes, meatless meals, crockpot ideas, and more. Sundays I usually pin a few recipes and make my shopping list for the week. It’s been keeping me from getting bored with food and giving me lots of new flavor ideas for the same foods.

Have any tips for me? Share your Pinterest boards or Weight Watcher recipes! Thanks for joining me on my journey!

Thanks to Weight Watchers for letting me try out the new Weight Watchers 360!
People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.”

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