Weighing In: Weight Watchers 360

I will admit, I’ve never been the most health conscious eater. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love for all things bad. As a teenager I ate whatever I wanted. The unhealthy food choices were evened out by being a young adult who was out and about every night moving around. But two kids and a lot of nights spent at home later, it has finally caught up with me. On top of the weight I gained with my now eight month old daughter, I still have 50 pounds left by my six year old. Definitely can’t call it baby fat anymore.

The awesome thing about life is that it’s never to late to start over, and with the birth of my second daughter I have finally decided this new life in our family is the perfect opportunity to start over for all of us. Each time I introduce her to a new food, I’m making a change in our diets as well. I don’t want to eat anything that I wouldn’t want her to eat.

Of course I can’t do this alone, so on my journey I will be trying different techniques and resources. One of these came to me at the perfect time- the chance to try the new Weight Watchers 360. Everyone I know who has tried Weight Watchers has seen results, so this is a huge challenge for me- I will have no one to blame but myself if I don’t succeed.

If you aren’t familiar with the new features, Weight Watchers 360° is a breakthrough approach that challenges members to not only track their food intake (PointsPlus), but also to manage those daily routines and spaces that sabotage weight loss. The new program encompasses three pillars:

· Tracking. Track food with PointsPlus, record weight and physical activity. (This part is what exists now, but spaces and routines are entirely new.)

· Spaces. You create and commit to an action plan and bookmark tips under these six environments: home, shopping, workplace, eating out, travel and occasions). You can get prompts in panic moments like “is fast food your only option?” when you are in the airport.

· Routines. You choose three routines (16 available) to follow every day (e.g., eat fruit with every meal). Record success daily.

The Routines pillar is what I will be using the most, since my biggest issue is not drinking enough water. I promise to update weekly on how it’s going for me, and I’m excited to have some pressure put on me to follow through with my healthy lifestyle goals for once. I’m a go getter and have always done what I have set out to do, but my weight has been the one thing I have completely lost control of. So please follow me on this journey and join me if you’re doing the same! I’m looking forward to this, and sharing it with everyone is a huge bonus! – Nicole Perrino


*Thanks to Weight Watchers for the opportunity to try their new Weight Watchers 360!!
People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.”


  1. Dear Bronx mamma, I am about to go to my 1st meeting at weight watchers. I find that I do better if I have to go and weigh in and sit and listen to my fellow weight watchers. I would like to share your journey. Yours Ann


    1. Hi Ann, thank you for following! I am only doing the app since I am at home with a baby right now and dont have reliable childcare. But I think writing about it is helping also. Im glad you are able to go to meetings. How is it going so far?


      1. I have just started today and feel good that I made the effort. I feel better this time around and hope that I can be successful. Will keep you posted!


        1. Yes please do! I am excited to hear about it!


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