BronxMama Toy Fair Picks

Toy Fair 2013 is over, but the fun of going back and reviewing all of the awesome new toys for this year has just begun! Take a look at some of our favorite finds from this year!

Favorite Eco-Friendly Find

AnaMalz. These adorable eco-friendly wood toys are just what a child in a world filled with technology needs-a classic toy that comes to life with imagination, not batteries. The added plus? They’re fun to collect even after the toybox is retired. Ages 3 and up.

Favorite Trend Setting Toys

It’s always fun to see what the latest craze is with school aged children. It’s even more fun if your child can say they helped to start their own trend, even if its just within their group of friends.

Babazoobas. These silly characters have come to explore the Planet Earth. Based on an animated cartoon series that will launch on their website and Youtube in May, Babazoobas can be clipped on bookbags, belt loops and more. There is also a 4-inch plush version of each character.

Mungi Bands. These magnetic bands can be worn as bracelets, headbands, etc. and can even be used to decorate lockers or bikes! What makes these so cool? They are interchangable so kids can trade and create new combinations. Ages 8 and up.

Favorite Action Figure to Take Anywhere

Safari Ltd. Who doesn’t love a classic? These hand painted replicas are fun everywhere- bring a whale to the beach, a tiger outside in the grass, or a dinosaur in the sand. Replicas of the real things-so kids are learning about animals and nature while using their imagination and having fun.

Favorite Family Game

The Great Cheese Chase. It can be a challenge to play a game together as a family when your oldest is in it to win and your youngest doesn’t have a chance. But in this family friendly game, players work together against the game to move three mice up the path and into the attic for a cheese party-beware of the cat! Kids learn strategy, shared decision-making, following directions, and cooperation. Ages 5 and up.
Favorite Doll Collection

Madame Alexander. In addition to their amazing collectables, Madame Alexander has a doll for everything- babies to cuddle, dolls to dress, and characters to watch your favorite movie with over and over again. Our fave is the 18′ Play Doll and their Pinkalicious collection.

Favorite Funny Kids Gear

Just Add A Kid. Not quite sure what is so funny about seeing a big head on a little body, but it’s hilarious. These tshirts with various occupations, sports, and other images will be a hit everywhere your little one wears them. And there are bibs too!

Favorite Video Game

Skylanders Swap Force. We’re no video game experts-but after watching a demo at the Skylander Booth, we can’t deny how cool this game is. Forget pressing a button to switch characters-Swap Force has an actual portal that you must place the Skylander on to switch to a new character. The best part? They are interchangable, so you don’t have to buy the entire collection for kids to be able to try tons of different combinations. Coming Fall 2013.

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