Notify NYC and a $50 Gift Card

As part of National Preparedness Month, OEM is urging New York residents to sign up for Notify NYC, the City’s official emergency notification system. Subscribers receive text messages, e-mails, phone calls or Tweets about significant citywide events, as well as smaller events happening in their own neighborhoods. These notifications cover topics such as severe weather, school closures, subway disruptions, and traffic advisories in all areas of the city.

Notify NYC is critical in keeping New York City residents, families, and commuters informed, and it’s completely free! Anyone can sign up and customize the alerts they would like to receive by visiting or following @NotifyNYC .

ONE LUCKY BRONXMAMA READER will win a $50 home improvements gift card to help get the supplies they need to be prepared for any disaster. TO ENTER: Leave a comment letting us know what you have done so far to prepare your family for an emergency. A random winner will be chosen.

To learn more about Notify NYC and OEM, please check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ Notify NYC, or visit


  1. I prepared a emergency bag with a first aid kit etc. Its a quick access to what we need


  2. I have a bag with safety aid, water, and canned food in it for disaster along with flashlight, and portable radio


  3. I make sure we have all the necessities: batteries, flashlights, water, food, working phones, gas in car.


  4. Hey BronxMama… long time ago i saw this episode on the evening news where it said i and my loved ones should always have a bag backed with bear essentials like a change of clothing, water of course which there is alway extra gallons and bottles in my home of after the blackout we had some years bk. i always bulk up now. also in the bags are important docs like ss cards, birth certs, state id’s, etc. GoGo Squeeze as of lately for a snack just in case and last but not least some batteries, flashlight and a wind up radio bought at the local Walgreens. you never know what could happen God forbid… just today we had a terrible tornado in our own city of all places. who’s ever heard of twister in Queens. i thought thing like that just happened in Kansas. 😛 Be safe BronxMama. 🙂
    MusicaNLAlma on FB


  5. I should be more prepared, but I have flashlights, water & a first aid kit


  6. have flashlights,batteries,can foods,and water..


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