McDonalds Nutrition Network

By: Priscilla Lino

On Tuesday, March 27, 2012 in Times Square was the launching of McDonald’s New York Metro Nutrition Network, a new community outreach initiative to provide funds to local organizations for grassroots nutrition programs. Through the program, New York Tri-State McDonald’s restaurant owners are offering seed money to help local organizations bring nutrition information and guidance to the communities they serve. This initiative is an extension of McDonald’s national commitment to offer improved nutrition choices. To apply for this program, visit

At this launching event was Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, author of the best-selling The F Factor Diet. Tanya is thrilled to be apart of this campaign with McDonald’s in an effort to improve nutrition awareness. While she talked to the panel of mothers, parents, and media, many people were amazed how you don’t necessarily have to take away the things you like to eat. For example, one chocolate cookie will suffice that sugar crave instead of several chocolate cookies. Eating fruit with your meal and reducing the size of your fries are all apart of healthy choices.

Fast Food is New York and we have to face it. New Yorkers work hard and they play hard. In the midst of working and entertaining, you must eat and provide energy to your body. If you’re in the city, there is always a McDonald’s close by. With a menu for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner it’s almost hard not to swing through those doors and walk to the counter to place your order.

If you have been taking notice, McDonald’s has created a trend, a huge trend which has landed in the Fast Food industry and I’m not talking about the number of people who dine there. Nutrition! Yes that is the trend. Remember walking into McDonald’s and being able to choose how many calories you were taken in by a given meal or anything else in the restaurant. Well it does not end there. McDonald’s is striving to incorporate even more healthy awareness and nutrition options into their menu.

By the end of 2012, McDonald’s will provide apples in every Happy Meal. The next time you order a Happy Meal for your little one purchase a bottle of water instead of a soft drink. To find out more nutrition information on McDonald’s menu you may log onto Remember healthy choices results in healthy lifestyles.

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