Bronx Forest Nursery

Inspired by a recent string of posts from parents in manhattan, brooklyn, and beyond, Anastasia L. thought it would be wonderful to start her own forest nursery in the Bronx.

What is a Forest Nursery? A cooperative effort, the basic idea would be shaped by all of the moms involved, is that from 1 to 3 days a week (just mornings for now),  children and their caregivers spend time outdoors in the forest, fields (if we can find them), gardens, etc… of the Bronx.

The group began in the Botanical Garden Forest, Wednesday November 2nd, at 10am (from 10-1pm) and have been outside with their children every Wednesday since then.

Meet, play, explore, learn, and lunch together. The idea from other forest nurseries is that children are outdoors in ALL weather (rain, snow, shine, etc…) and dressed appropriately, except in below freezing and lighting storms. The Botanical Gardens has indoor spaces as well which we can retreat to. Anastasia has set up a yahoo group, If interested, please add yourself !

Details of our meetups:
Weds at 10am
Botanical Gardens, Meet at main entrance under the arch
Entrance is free on Weds

Note that this is not limited to little children (we have mostly toddlers ages 1 and up).

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